Session musician

Session Musician

Manuel has recorded more than 100 cds for multiple artists around the world, from flamenco to classical music, pop, latin, world music….as guitarist, arranger and composer. He will deliver multiple guitar tracks for your music: single, full-length album, comercial-jingles, soundtracks, or any other required needs. Is able to record diverse styles and types of guitars such as spanish (flamenco or classical), nylon or metal string electroacustic, requinto guitar and electric guitar.

Work progress:

“ I will recieve you track and ideally some notes to try to get your vision clear as possible, after a carefull listen I´ll give you my opinion and then together we will decide the best possible sound and feel for the guitar part so to make sure we’ll get full clarity of what you are looking for before I start recording. -If the track is still in progress we can also work from that point on, I can work with a vocal solo track or a harmony guide line, also depending on your needs I can record one or many guitar tracks in order to get a richer layered result

-A 20 year experience touring and recording has allowed me to design my studio for the highest quality sound standards.”