Manuel Montero

Guitarist, Composer and Teacher

"In Manuel Montero we find flamenco, elegance, a remarkable technique, and a total mastery of the classic Spanish guitar, allowing him to be perfectly compared with Sanlúcar, Riqueni, Vicente Amigo, and even if it could be thought as a blasphemy to compare him with the greatest maestro Paco de Lucía, his influences are undoubted, especially in his virtuoso technique and his outstanding elegance".


Professional flamenco and classical guitarist, his work as a musical director, composer, and arranger has led him to perform in more than 20 countries within diverse projects ranging from flamenco, in its variety of expressions, to Latin American music, electronic music, classical music, world music and jazz among others. He has been recognized with 8 international prizes as a guitarist and composer.


Specialized press highlights his outstanding qualities to include such a variety of musical styles in his repertoire with total mastery and virtuosity, "A guitar concert" is a very different experience for the audience when he is on stage".  

"His aesthetic taste is very wide, capable to interpret and compose different pieces that might at first seem not related but that are part of his global musical sense. In this new "Solo" album we can feel Manuel`s musical world. Music with capital letters...  flamenco, classical and jazz with certain Andalusian influence, also rescuing composers such as Enrico Panza and Jose Mora, giving roundness to his proposal. A cd to enjoy without labels, only through the senses and taste." José Antonio Rodríguez

“He`s highly creative and full of imagination. Presents a fluid and brave eclecticism involved by his virtuosity  not only through the modern flamenco but also via the classical and Latin American guitar, demonstrating an impressive musical range." Jorge Strunz.

"Every time I listen to a guitar album I want to know in which direction the artist wants to walk through, recording a guitar cd using the Spanish guitar is a real challenge for its uniqueness. The technique should be practically perfect to run all the techniques required, Arpeggios, thumb (Alzapua), scales (picados), etc. Now, after transmitting harmonies that excite and enrich our hearts,  Manuel clearly fulfills the objective since he has succeeded in combining different musical disciplines with total success, he gives us classical guitar pieces such as "Asturias", "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" and Flamenco ones through the form of “Palos”, like "Alegrias”, "bulerías" and also some Flamenco-Latin-Jazz moments. I hope Manuel could find his path within the guitar world, and for that reason, I wish him great successes." Pedro Sierra, guitarist, performer, producer, and Flamenco. 


With more than 15 years of experience offering individual classes, workshops, and master classes through a large number of countries Manuel has developed a system based on a theoretical basis-backed by his academic background -to facilitate the understanding of the multiple disciplines involving the guitar world, not only focused on the flamenco guitar specialty but applied to the generality of the guitar as an instrument and easily adaptable to all kinds of levels.

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