This flamenco guitar has been made by the guitar maker Alberto Hernández. He started his career as an apprentice in Francisco Esteve´s guitar workshop. Currently, he is the Chief craftsman, in charge of the production of Juan Hernández´s Guitar Workshop and Francisco Esteve´s Guitars, taking care of the details, quality and the good work done in these two workshops, being responsible for their 40 craftsmen.

A year ago, approximately, the guitar maker Alberto Hernández and Solera Flamenca both launched a new flamenco guitar model: “Tribute to Marcelo Barbero”, a guitar which makes a difference in the semi-artisan guitar market.

This guitar model arose from the need in the market for a top-notch instrument for an affordable price. Taking Marcelo Barbero´s model of 1953 as a starting point, one can imagine the quality of the resulting work of art. Marcelo Barbero is one of the greatest guitar makers in history, and every single detail has been carefully respected and followed, thus maintaining the same dimensions, scale, size, and aesthetics as the very original instrument. For its making process, both traditional and mechanical processes have been employed, allowing the craftsmen to reduce the production time, and thus the final price of the instrument. Therefore, Alberto Hernández, along with Solera Flamenca, has accomplished the making of a top-level instrument for quite an affordable price, which we think will revolutionize the current market of flamenco semi-handicraft guitars.

Due to the success and demand of this model, we decided to go even further and introduce some more upgrades, thus improving the already superb quality of this instrument. We managed to beat the unbeatable as follows:

-The nitrocellulose varnish on the top has been replaced by natural shellac, thus providing the instrument with greater flexibility and reverberation, and consequently improving its sound quality.

– The label has been redesigned, adding the original one in the initial guitar made by Marcelo Barbero, where the maps and template for the making of this guitar came from.

– We have decided to replace the cypress wood on back and sides for Indian rosewood, thus obtaining a superior instrument, with greater resonance and acoustic quality.

The sound of the flamenco guitar is extraordinary, the basses are bright but depth and open, crisp and crystal clear trebles, a perfectly balanced set, with great volume and projection.

The tension of this flamenco guitar is medium. The height of the strings in the fingerboard and saddle is very balanced, providing us with a high level of comfort for both hands, as well as simplicity for the performance itself.

The condition of this flamenco guitar is new.