"Confluencia" CD

"Again great news arrive from this tremendous Costa Rican guitarist. Musician in wich, and not only in this album baptized as such, the technique, the training beyond the flamenco guitar, the creative desire, a remarkable pedagogical spirit and all the capabilities to be someone on the guitar confluence. Above all there is a chameleonic virtue of sounding to every land that breathes with his touch. Manuel Montero's guitar is not suitable for those with squared minds in stylistic, geographical or academic terms. Because his sonanta announces and demands what the guitarists of the present and the future will have to master in order to be considered as such".

"By being from your town you become universal, as Machado said one day, in the case of Manuel Montero we find ourselves a guitarist from the world who, at times, seems undoubtedly from Jerez, or Salvador de Bahía, or rather from Buenos Aires or, of course , from Costa Rica. Whatever he wants. He is "pasao" of soniquete, compass y aire. Manuel is fresh air for the flamenco guitar, a guarantee of continuity and a clear example that hope is many times more outside than within the borders that are delimited by a few keepers of jondo art. We already knew it, but now we have no doubt that Costa Rica tastes, smells and sounds good "

"In this new work by Manuel Montero, we observe from the beginning the aesthetic, musical and almost spiritual tastes of this, already mature, guitarist.

As its title indicates, without blushing and with courage, different forms and musical structures, that he is passionate about, are presented to us in a natural way. His pulse grows, the legato already gives coherence to his sound and the confidence in his pieces gives him a rotundity that positions him as a great flamenco guitar soloist. For me, who have seen him grow day by day, it is a great pleasure to be able to say that Manuel Montero is beginning to write pages of gold on the flamenco guitar. Just get carried away by "CONFLUENCIA"...great job."



Guitars, Production and Composition

Manuel Montero


Karen Lugo



Production and Artistic Direction

Manuel Montero

Percussions, Jaleos and Palmas

Fernando Maya

Paquito González

Ramses Araya


Recording & Mixing

Domi Serralbo (DS Estudio)


Juanfe Pérez


Alex Psaroudakis (The Work Shop NYC Brooklyn NY)


Carlo Magno Araya



Annalisa Fioravanti


Fernando Maya (Aliquindoi Estudio)