Guitar Lessons, In Seville and Online

With more than 15 years of experience offering individual classes, workshops, and master classes through a large number of countries Manuel has developed a system based on a theoretical basis-backed by his academic background -to facilitate the understanding of the multiple disciplines involving the guitar world, not only focused on the flamenco guitar specialty but applied to the generality of the guitar as an instrument and easily adaptable to all kinds levels.


-Postura corporal
-Técnica para ambas manos

  • Arpegios
  • Escalas
  • Tremolo
  • Rasgueos
  • Alzapúa
  • Ligados etc

-Harmony, theory, and applied directly to the instrument.
-Análisis armónico de estilos, toque solista y su evolución a través del tiempo.

  • Solfeo
  • Cifrado
  • Pentagrama
  • Procesamiento y procesamiento de guitarras.

-Cante accompaniment,  harmonic patterns, and schemes for each style.
-Acompañamiento al baile, desarrollo de esquemas estructurales. -Recursos de acompañamiento.


  • All levels and ages.
  • Previous knowledge of music is not required.
  • Adaptable to student`s needs and requirements.
  • English, Spanish and Italian.